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Gearx Size Guide

Gearx Size Guide

Immediate Dispatch Clothing:
All ready stock products are made for a particular chest size. Please see individual products details.
Custom Made Clothing:

Note: For Suit orders is strongly advised that you 

email us your height and weight as selected designs require this info as well.

It’s easy to find the right size to fit you, but remember if you are planning to wear undergarments/thermals as well you may want to go up a size for comfort.


To find your glove size, slightly clinch hand and measure hand in a loop, at the fullest part of your palm (as indicated),
bring the tape measure all the way round until it joins back at the beginning – if you fall in between sizes,
choose the larger one – all measurements in inches and cm

Sizes (UNISEX)
 Glove Size CodeSZMLXL2XL
 UK Palm Size (inch)7″8″9″10″11″
 Palm Size (cm)182022.524.526.5

Chest (A): Measure around the fullest part of your chest passing the tape measure loosely under your arm pits and making sure it feels comfortable and not over tight.
If in between, go up a size. If planning to wear thermals under jacket go a size up as well, then look up your size from the table below.

Sleeve (B): Fixed length for reference only. Non adjustable.

Jacket (MEN) – All Designs Available
 Chest Size CodeXSSMLXL2XL3XL4XL
A – Chest (inch)36″38″40″42″44″46″48″50″
B – Sleeve (inch)24″24.5″25″25.5″26″26.5″27″27.5″
A – Chest (cm)9196102107112117122127
A – Continental EU4648505254565860
Jacket (FEMALE) – Selected Designs Only
 Chest Size CodeXSSMLXL2XL3XL4XL
Standard ~UK Size6/88101214161820
A – Chest (inch)34″36″38″40″42″44″46″48″
B – Sleeve (cm)22.52323.52424.52525.526
A – Continental EU3436384042444648

Waist (C): Without bending down measure around your waist making sure the tape feels comfortable. If in between,
go a size higher.ADD 1 INCH depending on preference and usage, i.e. consider a looser fit if planning to wear thick thermals

Hips (D):  Measurement around the widest part of your hips and bum. Fixed length. Non-Adjustable

Inside Leg (E):  Motorcycle leather trousers are designed to sit higher than everyday trousers and should be snug fitting against padding.
Measure from groin to ankle without bending, then see table below. If it does not align with your waist size regular length then you must specify this upon order.
Although this renders the trouser non returnable, there is normally no additional charge for this

Trouser (MENS) – All Designs Available
 Trouser Size CodesXSSMLXL2XL3XL4XL
C – UK Waist (inch)30″32″34″36″38″40″42″44″
C – EU Waist4648505254565860
C – Waist (cm)768186.591.596.5102107112
D – Hips (inch)36″37.5″40″42″44″46″48.5″51.5″
E – Inside Leg (inch)29″30″31″32″32″33″33″33″
Trouser (FEMALE) – Selected Designs Only
 Trouser Size CodesXSSMLXL2XL3XL4XL
Standard ~UK Size68101214161820
C – UK Waist (inch)28″30″32″34″36″38″40″42″
C –  EU Waist4648505254565860
C – Waist Size (cm)71768186.591.596.5102107
D – Hips (inch)36″39″41″44″46″49″50″52″
E – Inside Leg (inch)27″28″29″30″31″32″33″33″

2 Piece SUIT

Please follow instructions from jacket and trouser sections above then choose your size from chart below.

Important note: With certain 2 piece suits you can mix and match different size codes (i.e. an ‘XL’ jacket with ‘L’ trouser or visa versa)
and with some designs you must choose the same size code for jacket and trouser (i.e. both jacket and trouser must be XL),
otherwise the main central connection zip will not work. This will be mentioned in each individual product description,
or you may ask us for confirmation of whether or not sizes can be mixed for a selected design 2 piece suit

To see detailed measurements for suit (i.e. B & D), and EU sizing, check jacket and trouser size charts above

2 Piece SUIT Sizes (MEN) – All Designs Available
A – Chest (inch)36″38″40″42″44″46″48″50″
C – Waist (inch)30″32″34″36″38″40″42″44″
E- Inside Leg (inch)29″30″31″32″32″32″32″32″
2 Piece SUIT Sizes (FEMALE) – Selected Designs Only
Std ~UK Size68101214161820
A – UK Chest (inch)34″36″38″40″42″44″46″48″
C- Waist (inch)28″30″32″34″36″38″40″42″
E – Inside Leg (inch)29″30″31″32″32″32″32″32″



A male with an average physique; height 5′ 10 “, weight 13.5st, requires a suit to have a snug fit over undergarments.
His actual measurements: Chest 41″; Waist 34″; Inside Leg 32″

We suggest the ideal jacket/trouser combination to fit the above male physique and measurements would be:
Jacket: 42″ (Large); Trouser: 36″ (Large) with Inside Leg 31″ (with alteration request)

Note that the chest measurement falls between sizes (borderline) so we have gone up one inch for the LARGE jacket.
For trouser we have gone for the 36″ (L) instead of a 34″ (M) as leather trousers are slim fitting and to accommodate thicker thighs over undergarments
it is best to go up one size for comfort. (If accommodating a lean physique then a 34” waist trouser will suffice)


Inside Leg Tip: The inside leg for a ‘leather trouser’ should ideally sit just above the ankle (to avoid zip end digging into ankle with zipped up boots)
hence the length should be at least half an inch to one inch shorter than your actual ‘dress trouser’ inside leg length.